Bookaday Is Back For Summer!

Being that I'm off work for the summer, I'm offering my blog up to all you authors out there, both indie and traditionally published. Show off your latest works here! The only thing I ask in return is that you either mention my blog or one of my books on your site, but of course, this is not required. Please follow the info below, taken from the Bookaday tab.

If you follow the instructions, it really makes my life SO much easier when it comes to getting the posts ready! And if you've submitted before, please do so with a new book now! Thanks so much and I look forward to posting all sorts of exciting new books! (Oh, and any genre but erotica. Sorry, but my target audience is YA readers, some of which are rather young kids!).

Please email me at (please put BOOKADAY in the subject) with the following information and you could find your book featured right here on the blog:

Book Title
Purchase Info
Author Info
Contact Info (website, etc.)
Preferred Date

No need to add a picture, I will pull it from the Amazon Associates function on the blog. Please give full links for any websites, I like to be able to cut-and-paste without looking up everything!

Let's get those beach reads out there!


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