Hey There! Long Time No See!

I know I've sort of been out of the loop for awhile. I had foot surgery last week and it's really wiped like a week off the calendar for me. I finally got rid of the painkillers, and while the foot is still extra-ouchy, I'm mentally back in action and can focus on things for more than 5 minutes. It's great!

Things have been kind of crazy lately in the publishing world. The Queen herself, J.K. Rowling, announced last week that she will be retailing the Harry Potter ebooks on her very own site, Pottermore.com. Smart girl, keeping those erights! Now while I don't think my sales will jump through the roof just because Jo is epublishing her own books, it's nice to know she's joining us, as it were. It's great to see traditionally pubbed authors play both fields, because I really think it's to their advantage.

Also, some lit agencies, like Dystel & Goderich, are taking on epublishing by becoming epublishers themselves. Maybe not the best for us indies that are already doing everything ourselves, but gives the trad pubbed authors more options and more royalties than they might get otherwise. I'll be interested to see how that new idea continues to develop.

As for me and DarkSide, we're moving along. A few of the girls are in edits with upcoming releases now, so look for some great new books coming before summer is over. I'm currently reading Loramendi's Story for Angela Carlie, and I gotta say, I think you Twi-hards out there will likey...it's steamy! After I finish Angela's story, it'll be back to The Green to finish my revisions before sending it out to my fellow DarkSiders for reading.

And then, I'll get back to writing. On deck...sequel to Into the Shadows. I could use some help with a title for that one. It's just not coming to me. Hopefully I can also give some sneak-peeks at it as well as I write it. Maybe I'll throw out some samples of The Green as well after the girls have a look.

Anyway, glad to be back in action. I've missed you!


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