All I Want For My Birthday Is To Get On The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Struggling to think of the perfect birthday gift for your very favorite writer-friend (*me*)? I've got the perfect gift and it will cost you the awesome price of absolutely nothing.

All I want for my birthday is to get on the Ellen DeGeneres Show!

I’ve always enjoyed her and her show and feel like it would be an awesome opportunity if I could actually make that happen. It will take the help of many, and while nothing may come of it, it will be really fun to try. And I think Bloody Little Secrets is a book she and her audience would really enjoy.

All you have to do is follow the link below, fill out your information and in the “TELL US YOUR STORY” section, simply mention that Ellen should read my book, Bloody Little Secrets by Karly Kirkpatrick.

I’m not sure how many times you’re allowed to enter a recommendation, but feel free to try to enter as many times as you’d like between now and July 15th (my actual birthday). I’m just hoping all of our posts will get a little notice and at the least, maybe she’ll (or someone on the staff) will read Bloody Little Secrets.

Thanks so much and of course you will be the first to know if I hear anything back from the Ellen Show. I’ll be submitting requests as well!


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