Summer of Harry Potter: The Sorcerer's Stone


I'm a little behind on my reading, I should have finished Sorcerer's Stone yesterday, but with the whole last week of school going on, it slowed me down quite a bit. But now it's summer vacation and I can read as much as I want, provided I still squeeze some writing/editing time in!

I literally just turned the last page of Sorcerer's Stone and figured I'd check in and see where everyone else is.

I (of course) enjoyed revisiting book one. To be honest, I think it's been a long while since I've read it, maybe 2007 when Deathly Hallows came out. I've seen the HP1 movie SO many times, I had forgotten all the things that were changed or were different between the book and the film.

It was interesting to see the characters from this angle. Harry seemed to be quite a bit more precocious and confident once he left the Dursleys in the book, yet I saw him as a little more timid in the movie. Hermione was highly unlikable in the book until the troll incident. I really had trouble picturing her as the movie Hermione until the second half of the book.

I also found it fascinating that there were a lot of hints to things in the future, the mentions of Ginny, the cloak, the impending return of moldy Voldy, the prophecy, etc. It makes me wonder (and maybe someone does know this) if Jo Rowling had quite possibly outlined the entire series before/while writing the first book. And maybe it wasn't a hard outline, but it was really amazing to see references to things that become huge plot points 4 to 6 books down the road. Just brilliant.

There was also a cool reference at the beginning to Hagrid's motorcycle really belonging to Sirius. And the words that are engraved on the Mirror of Erised, if you read them backwards the phrase makes sense! I already knew Erised was Desire backwards, but I don't remember noticing the whole phrase was backwards!

So did you finish? Any thoughts? Leave them below in the Comments!


  1. Loved the post, got me in the mood to read it again :) and I reckon that I best start reading, considering I have a month before the end of my Harry Potter childhood is over!

  2. I'm super far behind on my reading; I just to to the Halloween chapter in Sorcerer's Stone. BUT I'm off tomorrow and have plenty of time to read now that school is out, my second book is done and I'm not traveling again until the weekend the movie comes out. :D

    As for the question in your post. I've heard Jo Rowling had an idea of how the series would end once she started writing it. I can't imagine she didn't considering how many things are hinted at in book 1 that happen throughout the series, including things in Deathly Hallows. I'm so glad you posted this fun challenge. I missed reading these books last year and am so glad to be visiting them again. Well, back to reading! :)

  3. Yes, I was thinking a lot about the Deathly Hallows, because there was a lot of little mentions regarding the cloak. In the movie, they don't hint at who gave it to Harry, but in the book it's made quite clear it was from Dumbledore, who we know later has the Elder Wand, and had the stone.

  4. I did not notice these things you stated when I read the book until now. There are also some incidents in the book that I would want to be on the film but these are merely skipped like the challenge of the potions when Hermione and Harry passed the chess challenge in order to get to the sorcerer's stone. I would love to see Hermione sort it out.


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