Bookaday: The Gorge by J.L. McPherson

The Gorge (An Appalachian Thriller Novel)Thriller/ Horror

The Blue Ridge Mountains of Southern Appalachia are ancient. They are older than the Rockies, older than the Alps. The Blue Ridge was old when the Himalayas were in their infancy. Beautiful, enchanting as is a Venus Flytrap to an unsuspecting fly, but there is a horror is bellied deep in the serenity in those rolling blue hills of southern Appalachia.

The Gorge, is a story of backwoods mountain culture, of a snake handling, strychnine-drinking pastor, who rises to power over his devoted flock. Of a Native American curse, confining an even older civilization of cannibal cave dwellers to within in the boundaries of a mountain gorge, hidden deep in the backcountry of the five hundred thousand acre Pisgah National Forrest.

Nathan Mires is drawn to this place, as a moth is helpless to the magnetism of a glowing porch light. His life has fallen to pieces; something has taken control of him, causing a murderous rampage, which has led him to flee into the backcountry of the Pisgah, seeking refuge from a crooked, spiteful sheriff. Soon after he arrives in the gorge, he discovers his problems have only just begun.

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J.L. McPherson is a writer of Appalachian Thriller and Horror novels. He lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Carolina’s with his wife and four children. He is an avid outdoorsman, fly fisherman and enjoys the culture and the many fascinating stories that abound the Appalachian region.

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  1. I have read his book. It's a really good read. But it not without it's flaws. First off you can't go into this book with a weak stomach. Second the writing felt alittle rushed. Don't get me wrong the pace is good the wording just seemed alittle off to me. Def worth a solid 4/5 stars.


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