Adventures in Epublishing: May Sales Round-Up

I was pretty pleased with May's numbers. I'm still hoping for an increase this summer, especially with the release of my third title coming in July/August.

I will say, Into the Shadows has decreased a lot since winter, but held steady with April's numbers, selling 64 ebooks (65 copies overall), one copy less than April when it sold 65 ebooks. ITS is sold at $2.99. A good thing about ITS is the fact that it's building up more Goodreads reviews, with over 30 ratings and a 3.84 average rating.

Bloody Little Secrets had an excellent first month (in my eyes, anyway!). I've done little in the way of actual promotion, only pimping it on Facebook, Twitter and the blog, and did not actually have a release party yet. It wasn't necessarily planned that has been a hectic month and my main goal was just getting the book out. I figured I would do giveaways and whatnot a little later. I sold 61 copies at $3.49 each. BLS now has 15 ratings at Goodreads for a 4.73 average. BLS also started earning a profit after about 2-3 weeks of sales, being that I sold a couple the last day of April.

My overall totals for may were 126 copies sold between both books on all channels and $272.93 in profit. I'm looking forward to what the summer will bring! How did you do this month? Any particular methods working for sales or promotion?


  1. You've done well! Congrats. :) Always nice to hear indies are selling.

    Your book is still sitting on my Kindle, but itching to start it. Just so damn many books! :D

  2. I like reading this type of information. Your second book is priced at $3.49 vs. a $2.99 price point or $0.99. Care to explain the reason you choose to do that?


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