Bookaday: Legacy of the Empress by Rebecca Knight

Legacy of the EmpressFantasy, YA Fantasy

A dark magic spreads through the kingdom of Taleria, feeding off its people. The queen is corrupted, seduced by its evil promise. Princess Astrid, held prisoner in the castle by her mother for years, discovers a book of magic, and uses its power to escape. Book Title: Legacy of the Empress
Genre: Fantasy, YA Fantasy

The only way to save Taleria is to free the Empress of legend who banished the same dark magic centuries before. Astrid doesn't know the first thing about being a hero, much less journeying to the Crystal Fortress where the old woman is imprisoned. She's never been outside her mother's grasp, and now the queen's spies are hot on her heels.

Beautiful creatures twisted into monsters, uncertain allies, and the deadly mystery of the book she possesses are the least of Astrid's concerns. As she faces the darkness before her, she discovers that saving the land she loves may ultimately mean watching it burn.

Legacy of the Empress is 95,000 words, or approximately 380 pages.

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Author Info:
Rebecca Knight is a fantasy writer living in the Pacific Northwest, and a devout lover of all things geeky.
Come say "Hi" to her on my blog, and talk about books, writing, the world of publishing... you name it!


  1. Thank you for having me, Karly! ;) You rock!

  2. Nice having you Rebecca! Good luck with the book and thanks! :D


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