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These are books that have been featured in my Bookaday series.  Some are indie authors and others are traditionally published.  I've featured all ages and genres, and I'm always looking for authors who'd like their day in the sun!  I'd love it if you could link your blog to mine, or post something about my book, but it is not required to participate.  Please email me at (please put BOOKADAY in the subject) with the following information and you could find your book featured right here on the blog:

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Adult Fiction/Non-Fiction:

Atkinson, Thea - One Insular Tahiti
Baehr Saah, Consuelo - One Hundred Open Houses

DeBacco, Joyce - Rubies and Other Gems - The Novel
Geschwandtner, L.B. - The Naked Gardner
Speicher, Kipp Poe - Die Already

Science Fiction
Collins, Robert - Lisa's Way
Hawk, Steven - Peace Warrior
Martin, Debra L. & David W. Small - The Crystal Facade
May, K.C. - The Venom of Vipers

Acaster, Linda - Torc of Moonlight: Special Edition
Cook, Kristie - Purpose 
Redding, Chris - The Corpse Whisperer

Getzin, Jeffrey - The Prince of Bryanae
Hartness, John - The Chosen
Mathias, M.R. - The Royal Dragoneers
May, K.C. - The Kinshield Legacy 
Sullivan, Michael - The Crown Conspiracy

Chen, Philip - Falling Star
Desforges, Saffina - Sugar and Spice
Drake, Brian - Justified Sins
Green, Layton - The Summoner
Forster, Rebecca - Hostile Witness
Hodge, Sibel - The Fashion Police
Rockwell, Patricia - Sounds of Murder
Sellers, L.J. - Passions of the Dead
Taylor, Tommy - The Second Virgin Birth
Tyrpak, Suzanne - The Vestal Virgin
Wilson, India - The Knot Artist

Blackwelder, Ami - Shifters of 2040 
Evans, L.C. - We Interrupt This Date
Maran, Lacy and Kevin Michael - The New Wizard of Oz
Martin, Monique - Out of Time
O'Riordan, Erin - Spicy, Earthy, Sweet
Roland, Talli - The Hating Game
Schecter, Susie - Lifetimes Ago
Troppello, Joanne - Mr. Shipley's Governess

Graham, Chris - Free Books For Kindle

Children's/YA/MG Fiction/Non-Fiction:

Levy, Debbie - The Year of Goodbyes

Conifer, Dave - eBully
Cordiner, Robert - Bug Island
Hamilton, John - Isle Royale
Koch, Daniel M. - The Protector 
Lond, Laura - My Sparkling Misfortune
Lond, Laura - The Magic Bracelet
Peterson, Manley - Bloated Goat
Springer, Kristina - My Fake Boyfriend Is Better Than Yours

Hook, Holly - Tempest
Klein, Katie - The Guardian
Rose, Imogen - Portal 
Van Bokkem, Vianka - Vampire By Day Werewolf By Night