A Month of Celebrating!!!

Friday will put us one month out from the ebook release of Into the Shadows (On November 1st! It's a Monday! Can you tell I'm excited?)!  I've cooked up a few things to keep you busy until then!  I hope you'll join me in some upcoming posts!

*Next Week - Interview ME!  I'll post the announcement and then YOU ask the questions, anything you want to know about writing, my book, or me, and I'll answer!

*All Month - Read Into the Shadows for FREE before it comes out! I'll be putting up a bunch of the older full chapters up this weekend and the rest will continue coming throughout the month!

*End of the Month - CONTEST FOR YOU!  And you don't have to do anything!  You can enter to win free copies of Into the Shadows from Smashwords.com or gift cards from Amazon.com!

*Blog-hopping - All month I'll be hopping around different sites, doing interviews and guest posts!  Does your blog have room for me?  I'd love to stop in!  Send me an email at karlykirkpatrick@gmail.com and we'll set it up!

*Tomorrow - Read up on my plans for a Blogsplash and Facebooksplash to help promote Into the Shadows!  I would LOVE it if you could help!

I can't thank you enough for reading along and joining me on this journey!  *hugs*


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