Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Blood Has Arrived!

I'm very excited to announce that New Blood, the sequel to Bloody Little Secrets, is available for sale at the following retailers for $3.99:

Vicky Hernandez thought her troubles were over after she knocked off a greedy local vampire. But when a serial killer comes to town, the cops are stumped, and Vicky and her friends decide to help out and discover the monster behind the crimes on their own. Their detective skills are a little too good. Instead of catching the criminal responsible, they find themselves on a whirlwind adventure across the world to fix the mess they made. With their lives and the lives of others at stake, if they fail, the grave Vicky dug herself out of six weeks ago may become her eternal home.

*Coming Soon to Apple and Smashwords*

Friday, February 28, 2014

New Blood On Track!

A quick update on New Blood's progress...despite a rough week which included the loss of the oldest of our three dogs, Chompers, I managed to finish my first round of edits on New Blood. It has now been shipped off to some very awesome beta readers. I'm hoping to get it back/get it polished by the end of March, and then it will be off to my eagle-eye proofreaders. My plan is to get it to you by maybe the third week of April. Once we get closer, I'll have a better idea on the date.

Here are a few pictures of my lovely Chomp, here at my wedding as fluffy flower girl in 2005, and below a picture from about 2 years ago. She kept me company during many years of writing. We'll miss her dearly! XOXO

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Blood Is Finished!

I am SO excited to be able to announce that New Blood has a first draft! I finished it last night and celebrated with tacos and a Dairy Queen Blizzard! You may be wondering when the release date will be, I'm aiming for an April date right now. Generally, it requires about 6-8 weeks to get the book edited and ready to go.

How will you know it's ready to go? Make sure you're following me on Facebook and Twitter, and also sign up for the newsletter and be sure to get advance notice:


In addition to the upcoming release of New Blood, I've got a few more awesome projects I'm working on and hope to be able to share more with you very soon. 2014 is looking pretty awesome from where I'm sitting right now! I'll be keeping you posted on anything and everything you need to know!