Into the Shadows: Chapter 8 Part 3

Chapter 8 Part 3
The Debate

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There were gasps and whispers throughout the crowd.

“In this day and age, silence is complicity and at this point, should be punished as treason. These people have betrayed you, betrayed those who have been killed, and betrayed their country. Now, what I propose is a committee including the Senate, the State Department, the FBI, CIA and the U.S. Army to deal with these Enemies of the State. This is so important to the nation’s security that I chose to begin the committee before the election takes place, because I feel your safety is more important than your vote. However, if you do vote for me, as your Commander in Chief, I will be able to work towards punishing the traitors and eradicating the Righteous Front from our shores.”

He pulled the small drive from his pocket.

“This contains a list of the traitors who live among us. To prove just how dangerous these Enemies of the State are, let me share a few names with you. Monty Larkin, an RF lieutenant, who is currently in the federal prison in Leavenworth, Kansas for planning a bombing in Detroit last February, is on the list. Also on the list is Elizabeth Sanchez, an RF operative who is on the FBI’s Most Wanted List for a bombing in Miami in last August. The remainder have been living among you, keeping their terrifying secret from the good citizens of this great nation. I feel it is our duty to begin identifying these people as soon as possible and take them in for questioning.”

“This is preposterous!” shouted Moira Kelly. “If this is a matter of national security, as you say Senator, shouldn’t you immediately turn it over to President Hartman?”

“Madam, as a member of the Senate, my committee will report directly to the President, of course. However, in order to protect the public, the committee must be hand selected to ensure that the information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. As the original recipient of the list, I already know who can and cannot be trusted.”

The audience was silent, watching the exchange between the candidates.

“How do we know we can trust you, Senator Stevens?” Moira Kelly could hardly contain her fury.

“Well, obviously, Madam, if I were one of these traitors, I certainly wouldn’t be trying to punish my own. Are you certain of your own status? You wouldn’t happen to be on this list, would you?” Stevens shot her an analyzing glance.

Moira Kelly lost her cool at that point, charging across the stage at the Senator.

“How dare you accuse me of being a traitor, you filthy, slimy scumbag!” she screamed.

Members of the security staff and both candidates’ staffers ran out to attempt to pull the two apart as Moira Kelly attempted to choke the Senator, but had no success fitting her small hands around his fat neck. She pulled her arm back, setting up to punch the Senator in the face as a security officer grabbed her around the waist.

Jeff Clancy ran up on stage as the curtain fell on the melee.

“Well folks, this brings us to the end of this evening’s debate. Please join us on ‘Good Morning’ tomorrow for a full analysis. And please, don’t forget to do your duty as Americans and vote on Tuesday. Good night.”

There was a stunned silence in the Anderson’s family room.

“I don’t know what just happened,” said Crystal as she stared at the screen, her jaw dropped. “What was that all about?”

“He can’t do that. Marking people as traitors! What evidence does he have? This can’t be allowed by the Constitution!” Jason raved.

“Well, hopefully this whole thing will just blow up in his face. I can’t wait to see who is on that list. It’s probably all Liberal Party members. He’ll just use it to get rid of people he doesn’t like,” speculated Paivi. “I guess this will give us something to talk about in Dr. Hasenpfeffer’s class tomorrow.”

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