Into the Shadows: Chapter 8 Part 1

Chapter 8 Part 1
The Debate

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Paivi Anderson
Current Events p.6
Dr. Hasenpfeffer

This week I read another article in the St. Andrew Herald by Jerome Knowles. It was called “The Final Debate: It’s too late for Senator Stevens.” He writes that Moira Kelly has already won the election. According to the polls, Kelly leads Stevens 64% to 46%. Knowles says it means Kelly will definitely win because in history, very few candidates come back from that kind of margin. Kelly also has bonus points with voters because she got the head of the Righteous Front, Malcolm Davis, to agree to talks after the election. Knowles thinks only a miracle will save Senator Stevens and his campaign at this point. I am planning to watch the debate on Sunday because I think it will be interesting and because it is a class assignment.

Paivi, enjoy the debate! B+
Dr. H.

Senator Stevens sat in a chair in his dressing room. It was quiet. The hair and make-up people had just left, and none of his staff had returned from their tasks. There was still some time before the debate was to begin. He sat back in his chair and looked at his clean, smiling reflection in the mirror. He had never really been handsome as a young man, but now he at least looked distinguished. He looked like a…

A President, he finished the thought, taking a sip of water from a glass on the counter.

He adjusted his tie, which was unnecessary, as it was already perfect. He polished the American flag pin on his lapel and smiled.

This is it, he thought.

He got up from his chair and retrieved a small Flash drive from his briefcase, tucking it into the pocket of his suit jacket.

The door to his dressing room opened and his assistant Martin appeared.

“They're ready for you, Senator,” said Martin, holding the door.

Senator Stevens followed Martin down a hallway, which led to the large Auditorium Theater where the debate was to take place.

Chicago⎯middle America, where all of the average voters live, he thought.

The theater’s large, lighted arches, painted a stunning gold, soared overhead. Colorful frescoes decorated the walls and ceiling.

A fitting place for my victory, he thought as they entered the stage. Though the election wasn’t until Tuesday, he knew it might as well be today.

“Senator.” Jeff Clancy, one of America’s most well known and respected newsmen walked up, extending his hand.

Senator Stevens reached out, shaking it heartily.

“Good to see you Clancy. How’s the wife?”

“She’s well, Senator. Truly, it is an honor to be working with you tonight! I think they are just giving us a chance to check out the surroundings,” Clancy said, waving a hand at the expansive theater.

Stevens nodded.

“Well, I better be on my way, good to see you sir,” he paused, looking back at the Senator, “good luck tonight!”

“Thanks.” He didn’t need luck. He had something more.

After visiting his podium and checking his microphone with the sound booth, Senator Stevens was led back to his dressing room to await the beginning of the debate. The next hour raced by, filled with last minute briefings and hair and make-up touch-ups.

And then it was time.

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