Into the Shadows: Chapter 6 Part 3

Chapter 6 Part 3
All Hallow's Eve

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The evening of the Halloween Party had arrived, and the air was cool and crisp. The leaves crunched under their feet as Paivi and Michaela walked up the ridiculously long driveway that led to Amanda Montoya’s house.

Amanda’s parents were well known in town. Mrs. Montoya was one of the top realtors in the area. There wasn’t a house for sale in St. Andrew that didn’t have her picture in the front yard. Her large, white SUV was covered with her picture and the logo of her real estate firm. Mr. Montoya owned a very successful chain of supermarkets called ‘Alfredo’s.’

The girls had known Amanda since their grade school years at Prairie View Elementary. They had been Girl Scouts together, and even though they didn’t see her all of the time, she still invited them to all of her events.

Paivi and Michaela were always thrilled to go to Amanda’s parties because a party at the ‘Montoya Mansion,’ as it they referred to it, was not to be missed. Amanda’s parties always out-did all others. At Amanda’s tenth birthday, her parents had ordered a small carnival to be set up in their huge back yard. There had been a Tilt-a-Whirl, a little roller coaster and a huge Ferris wheel, along with a ton of carnival games.

There was no telling what the Halloween party would have in store for them. Scattered throughout the front yard were real gravestones. Moss hung from their decrepit exteriors and there was a slight fog drifting among them, skimming across the dead leaves on the ground.

“Wow, Amanda’s parents have really outdone themselves, if that is possible!” Paivi pulled her cloak a little closer around herself, trying not to shiver.

Paivi and Michaela had decided to dress as vampires. Cute vampires, not icky ones. They both had on long, crushed velvet dresses. Paivi’s dress was a deep burgundy. She topped it off with a long black wig and a set of fangs. Michaela’s dress was a deep purple. She didn’t need a wig, as her hair was already long and dark.

“Ooo, come on, this is creepy!” Michaela grabbed Paivis arm, quickening her pace. As they neared the door, they passed one last gravestone, a pile of leaves lay at its base. Suddenly, the pile jumped off the ground and lunged at them.

“Uhhhhhh,” it moaned, echoing through the front yard.

The girls let out a blood-curdling scream and ran to the front door, knocking frantically. The leaf-creature was advancing on them. They started pounding on the door, screaming. The door creaked slowly open and the girls didn’t bother to wait for an invite. They tumbled through the door, nearly falling over each other. They had not yet noticed the large figure standing before them. The sound of a chainsaw ripped through the foyer, the figure held the machine over its head. Its’ face was covered with a white hockey mask. The girls screamed again and fell into a heap against the front door.

At that moment, the light switched on, illuminating the foyer. Mrs. Montoya appeared, dressed in an elaborate witch costume. She carried a tray filled with goblets that were emitting a green smoke.

“Hi girls,” she said, smiling in their direction. “Sorry about that.” She gestured to the large figure next to her. “Honestly, Fredo, you are going to give these kids a heart attack!”

“Hi girls! We were just having a little fun, weren’t we?” Mr. Montoya removed his mask. “Boy did we get you good!”

He laughed heartily.

“I take it you ran into Chase in the front yard.” Mr. Montoya boomed as a leafy figure waved through the window next to the door. Chase was Amanda’s younger brother.

Paivi and Michaela picked themselves up off the floor and straightened out their costumes.

“Man, Mr. M., you had me scared out of my mind! That was crazier than the last haunted house I went to!” Paivi’s heart was still pounding in her chest.

“Well, go on down, everybody is in the basement. Have fun!” he shouted, revving the chainsaw again.
Mrs. Montoya laughed and rolled her eyes. “Don’t mind him!”

The girls followed her down the spiraling stairs into the basement. The Montoya’s basement was hardly normal. It was considered a wing of their already expansive home. There was a full second kitchen, where Mrs. Montoya was setting down the smoking drinks.

“Here girls, try a ‘Witch’s Brew.’ Amanda is down here somewhere.” She emptied the tray and turned to leave. “Have fun!”

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