Into the Shadows: Chapter 7 Part 1

Chapter 7 Part 1
A Most Unwelcome Guest

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Amanda’s backyard was a little cozier than the front, what without all of the gravestones, fog, and scary leaf monsters. The night was very clear, which made the yard bright, despite the moon only being at half strength. Paivi and Michaela walked towards the fire. There were already some partygoers seated on the outdoor couches, extending marshmallow-laden branches over the open fire. The flames crackled and licked the marshmallows, as if it wanted to eat them itself.

“Hey, where did you guys get those sticks?” Michaela asked.

“We had to go to the end of the yard, on the edge of the woods there.” Pointed a guy dressed as a pirate.
 “Wait, do I know you?”

He flipped up his eye patch.

Michaela took a closer look, leaning towards the fire.

“Dave? Is that you? Oh my god, I haven’t seen you in forever!” She moved closer to Dave the pirate, looking eager to continue the conversation.

Paivi took a look and didn’t recognize anyone around the fire. There were no open spaces to sit. Not wanting to stand around feeling out of place, she decided to go to the edge of the yard and grab some sticks. She set her witch’s brew down on a nearby table and tapped Michaela on the shoulder.
 “Hey, I’m going to run and get us some sticks, I’ll be right back.”

“Cool! Thanks, girl!” Michaela turned back to Pirate Dave.

Paivi took her time walking to the edge of the Montoya’s backyard. It took her down a slight hill and ended at the edge of the woods. Off to the left was a small lake. In the distance she could see the lights of the other large houses that surrounded it. The moonlight left a glittering silver path across the water.
Paivi could see two figures walking back towards the house from a path that wound around the lake. She could make out someone dressed as the Grim Reaper, carrying a large scythe and wearing a flowing black robe with a hood. A girl walking along side the Reaper wore her hair in a ponytail, a pink poodle skirt and a letter jacket.

Interesting, she thought. Death and a bobby soxer.

She laughed silently to herself and pulled the hood of her cloak up around her head. She didn’t really feel like talking to anyone. She turned back towards the trees, moving a little closer to them. In the shadows, she tried to spy some proper marshmallow-roasting sticks.

Paivi turned back towards the house, to see how Michaela was getting on and found herself face to face with the Grim Reaper. She jumped slightly at the sight of the dark cloak with no face. The bobby soxer was gone. She could see her walking across the yard, back toward the group around the fire.

“Sorry, Grimmy,” she chuckled, her hand pressed to her heart. “It’s not my time yet!”

“I wasn’t aware you were such a comedian,” retorted a voice behind the black fabric that she didn’t recognize. A black gloved hand pulled off the hood.

“You!” Paivi said, shocked to see the face of Christian Nelson. “What do you want?”

She took a step back towards the trees. She could see the house and bonfire in front of her, and wanted nothing more than to take off and head back to Michaela.

“Tsk, tsk,” clucked Christian. “Why so unfriendly?”

She looked into his eyes. They shined brightly in the moonlight. They weren’t as scary up close. She didn’t feel so much afraid as she did annoyed.

“Look, I just need to find a couple sticks and then I am going back to the fire.” She turned back towards the trees. She noticed some sticks on the ground and could see her name spelled out in them.


Christian laughed.

She whipped back around.

“I knew it was you! Why? Why are you doing this? What do you want from me?” she demanded. She could feel the energy building up in her, but fought it. A scene in front of the group was something she couldn’t risk.

“I have my reasons.” He smirked and Paivi contemplated slapping it clean off his face.

I could get away with it here, she thought, we aren’t at school.

“Anyways, I’ve been trying to get your attention for awhile,” he added.

“If you wanted to meet to me so badly, why didn’t you just come up and talk to me like a normal person. That would have worked better than staring me down with the evil eye and leaving creepy messages in my food,” she retorted.

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