Into the Shadows: Chapter 6 Part 4

Chapter 6 Part 4
All Hallow's Eve

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The girls leaned back against the counter of the bar and surveyed the scene. There was music thumping from speakers hidden out of sight. It was a mix of popular songs and Halloween themed songs, including ‘Monster Mash’ and ‘Thriller.’

In front of them was a huge recreation room. Off to one side, in front of a roaring fire, was a grouping of fluffy couches and opposite on the wall ‘The Exorcist’ played on a large movie screen. There were a number of costumed people lounging in the cozy corner.

With all of the costumes and make-up, it was hard for Paivi to tell who was who. She looked to see if Jason was over there, but she couldn’t tell.

In the center of the large room was a pool table, where Dracula, Frankenstein, a hockey player and a banana were in the middle of an intense game. Off to the side was a poker table, which at the moment was being used for a Ouija board. Candles were the only light on that side of the room. Paivi could hear gasps and shrieks as the crowd around the Ouija board read the messages it gave them. She could see Amanda, dressed as a mermaid, sitting at the table.

Beyond the table was a wall of windows with large French doors that led to a stone patio and fire pit. Paivi could see more people outside sitting by the fire, roasting marshmallows.

“Hey, let’s go say hi to Amanda and then go out and roast some marshmallows before it gets too cold. I am absolutely dying for one!” Paivi wondered if Jason was outside.

Oh, stop it, she told herself. What is the point? He would be here with his girlfriend.

Anyways, maybe she would meet a cute guy at the party to tide her over until Jason and Melissa were no more; there were definitely plenty of them around!

“I love roasting marshmallows!” Michaela squealed.

They headed towards the group at the Ouija board.

“Is it bad when most of your marshmallows end up in the fire instead of in your mouth?” Michaela laughed.

They approached Amanda’s chair, attacking her with hugs from both sides.

“Hey!” She jumped up, turning around to hug them both. “You guys look fabulous!”

“Uh, guys, I think the board has a message for Paivi,” squealed one of Amanda’s friends, Darcy. “Look, Marina is writing it down while it moves.”

Darcy gestured to their hands on the small device gliding across the Ouija board.

“What did it spell out, Marina?” she asked.

“Just a second, I don’t think it’s done.” Marina waved Darcy off, her eyes following the planchette eagerly.

Their hands continued to move with the device.

Paivi started to get nervous. What was it going to do, tell her I KNOW for the eightieth time?

“Okay! I’ve got it!” shouted Marina. “Oh my god, Paivi!”

Paivi could feel her heart start to sink.

“Paivi loves Jeff!”

 “Who is Jeff? Is he here at the party?” asked a girl dressed like Princess Leia from Star Wars.

Paivi laughed and felt a sense of relief wash over her. “Jeff? I don’t think I even know anyone named Jeff. I guess he’ll just be my mystery man!”

The banana shooting pool had overheard the girls’ conversation and raised his hand.

“Hey, my name is Jeff! Who loves me?”

They all laughed.

“According to the all-knowing Ouija, Paivi here does!” Amanda pointed her out. “Jeff, meet the new love of your life!”

“Nice!” He walked over to Paivi. “Hi, I’m Jeff the banana. Damn glad to meet you!”

He pumped her hand in an exaggerated handshake.  Paivi blushed.

“Hi Jeff the banana. It’s a pleasure?!” She wasn’t so sure.

“I’ll be seeing you,” he pointed his two fingers at her like pistols, pretending to shoot, blew the smoke off of them and winked, “later! But right now I’ve got to finish my game! Bye!”

Amanda turned to Paivi and Michaela. “Do you guys want to play? We can pull up more chairs.”

“That’s cool, we’ll come play in a little bit. We want to go roast some marshmallows! Did you get stuff to make S’mores?” asked Paivi.

“Girl, you know I did! Hey, Michaela, try not to drop all of your marshmallows into the fire this time!” Amanda’s laughter followed them out the door into the crisp evening.

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