Watcha reading?

I'll try to make this a new feature of the blog, so I can tell you about what I'm reading at the moment. Feel free to email me or leave me comments with some suggestions for future reading.

After a break from reading new books, I returned to an old friend (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) for a little light holiday reading. If only there were more...*sigh*... Anyways, my current YA selection, first of 2010, is SHADOWLAND by Alyson Noel. It's the third in her Immortals series. I am a bit of a series-aholic (if you've seen my bookcases, you know) and this one has held my interest so far. I found the first book, EVERMORE, a little more intriguing, but lost some interest after the second, BLUE MOON. I had picked up SHADOWLAND on sale, so you know, I couldn't pass up a deal! I'm hoping the story picks up a little as I go further. It's a decent read, but maybe it was just bad timing. For me, nothing beats Harry P. and the gang.

Next up on my reading list...THE PRICKER BOY by Reade Scott Whinnem.


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