So I've got one book on the shelf and one I'm submitting to agents and having my lovely critique group read. Now it's time for something new! I had thought about going back to one of my two works-in-progress, but I think I would like to do something completely new. Of the two WIPs, one was a sequel to my first novel, which one of the agent blogs I read strongly recommended against spending time on. I had thought that anyways, but was thinking I might give it a go. They are right, it very well could be two books sitting on the shelf, being that the first one never went anywhere.

So how does one start fresh? Where am I going to get ideas? I have notebooks full of old ideas, in fact, THE GREEN was an idea I had maybe a year ago and one day just sounded good. So far all I've done is make a list of a bunch of different random topics. Zombies, cannibals, high school, cooking class, unicorns. Pretty much nonsense. I'm feeling like I would like something mythical or magical or both, so I figure I'll read some old stuff, Grimms' Fairy Tales, old myths from other countries, even Sherlock Holmes and pretty much anything I can get my hands on and figure out if I can make some sense of peaches, witches, underground tunnels and prom. I am excited to see what comes of it! I'm also open to interesting ideas, leave me some below!


  1. read "Last of the Really great Wangdoodles" by Julie Edwards(Andrews)-great inspiration for imagination. Roald Dahl, of course. You probably have read Artemis Fowl, but if not, do. I find that if I read something too closely related to what I want to write, it becomes muddled. I try and go "off the reservation" a little and then reel it back in. You want mythical - grab some big books of Mythology: Greek, Egyptian, Norse, etc - some obscure story or character may spark some concept. It's hard to say what works for me will work for others. The Silmarillion has always been my go to book for when I want my mind to open up - not for everyone style wise, but one of the best fiction books ever writen IMO. Hope this helps.

  2. Last of the Really Great Wangdoodles was my fave book when I was younger! I'll have to grab a copy. Haven't done Artemis Fowl yet either, so maybe a trip to the bookstore is in order. I do have the Lightning Thief here though (Percy Jackson). Thanks for the help!


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