Submission Update

Okay, hoping I will have more news someday soon. I did send out 4 more queries this week and collected one more NO. So that brings us to a total of 2 NOs and 6 unknowns. I'm keeping those fingers (and toes) crossed!


  1. Karly! You can do it! 2 NO's! I eat 2 NO's for a midnight snack! Ha, ha! :)

    Hope to see you soon and an SCBWI event! I so wish I was in NY this weekend!

    xoxo -- Hilary

  2. So far I am a bigger reject than you. ;)

  3. That's only the rejections on this one...don't forget the 70 or so from the other one. I can take it! I wish I was in NYC too. But I plan on being in LA in July!


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