Resolution Update...

Okay, so I didn't exactly follow my prescribed plan, and the New Year has only just started. I did get THE GREEN revised, at least one time around, and then decided to start sending it out to agents, just to see what responses it brings. I was so happy the other day to hear the morning show on 103.5 here in Chicago talking about some of the multi-cultural/racial aspects that are actually in the book. So I am hoping it will appeal to someone out there.

Last Saturday I sent a query to an agent at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency out in California. I really feel that THE GREEN is perfect for what this particular agent represents and is looking for. But so far, almost a week and no email begging to be my agent just yet. Of course this has turned me into an insane email stalker and I swear I check it no less than 20 times a day! This weekend I may try sending it out to another agent. I am trying to go slow, so I don't burn thorough my options too fast!

Also, I finished my application for DePaul University's MA in Writing and Publishing. I'm hoping to get a 'yes' letter from them sometime in the next month, as my first class would be in March, if everything works out. I was joking with my husband that I was so desperate for a 'yes' from somebody that I decided to go back to school just to get it! At least I know someone there will be reading my writing (I had to send a portfolio), so I know my writing has gotten me somewhere!


  1. The key is to keep making forward progress! It will happen!

  2. The waiting is painful, isn't it? Luckily we're here to support each other when we go bananas! I know I'm nearly there some days. :)


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