My very first, anyways!

Ugh, trying to get your name out there is such a PITA!  My own website crashed when I tried to update it and now have been without one for a week or so.  I thought I would try this site, and *tried* to get it uploaded to my site, again with no luck!  And with Prairie Writers' Day this weekend, I really wanted to get something up and running, since it is on my business cards.  I just feel like it's going to be tacky to hand out cards and have no site come up.  Such a pain!  Anyways, I hope to have that worked out soon, my site was actually getting hits as well!

As for this week, I am very excited to be attending my first Prairie Writers' Day (the IL yearly writers' conference).  I am going to be seeing the lovely YA author Cynthea Liu and agent Michael Stearns, from Upstart Crow.  I just got a rejection letter from Upstart Crow last week for my first YA, called Into the Shadows.  But that's cool, no hard feelings.

As for NaNoWriMo, I'm doing good so far, over 14,000 words already and still going.  If only I hadn't wasted so much time on fiddling with web crap tonight I would have already put in 2,000 more.  I have really high hopes for this project.  I really feel like this is going to be the one to make it!  Or maybe I'm delusional after writing 4,000 words yesterday.  Whatever.  I think it rocks so far.  Well, back to work!


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