THE GREEN Chapter 1 teaser

Chapter One

College Resumé
Name: Ariceli Pisa
Age: 17
School: Cambridge High School / Journalism Academy, Cambridge, IL
GPA: 4.0
Extracurricular Activities: Cheerleader; Editor for the Cambridge Cutlass Newspaper; Class Council Treasurer; Member of Principal’s Advisory Council; National Honor Society; French Club
Work Experience: Drug Dealer (or maybe ‘Street Pharmacist’ would be more appropriate?)

So I suppose that really won’t go over very well if I plan on getting some good recommendations from my teachers. And I know what you’re thinking. Drug dealer? It’s so Tony Montana of me. But I promise you; the story is not nearly that exciting. I mean like no major shoot-outs at my big mansion on five acres.
But yes, that’s me. I’m an honor student and a drug dealer. Parents will probably wonder where my mom went wrong. How could she raise such a terrible daughter? But maybe once you read my story you will understand why I did what I did. Don’t be so quick to judge me, because I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if people like you weren’t trading the green for green. Because the bottom line is just that—all that matters in this world is the Green. If you don’t have it, it’s all you want. If you have it, you don’t realize how much it means to you until it’s gone. But I am here to tell you; money makes the world go round. And I was pretty much standing still.


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