April Is For #Vampires: The Lost Boys & A Guest Post by Megg Jensen

I was only 9 when The Lost Boys came out, but I managed to catch it many times throughout my junior high years. For some reason I remember watching it on TV many, many times. It starred Corey Feldman AND Corey Haim, who were my Teen Beat dreamboys at the time. This movie did a great job scaring the bejeezus out of me. And who could forget Jason Patric floating outside the window. That was EPIC!

One of my fellow DarkSiders, Megg Jensen reflects in the following guest post on her Lost Boys experiences:

Vampire Obsessions & TwiMoms & The Lost Boys

You saw the photos of the TwiMoms screaming and yelling outside theaters, drooling for a chance to see Twilight. Everyone was horrified - who are these crazy women? Aren’t they too old to act this way?

Let’s rewind for a second. Back in the ‘80s, when most of us TwiMoms were just little kids, we had our own vampires. Stephenie Meyer didn’t create them, she only enhanced our memories of the vamps we loved as kids.

Take The Lost Boys, for example. What’s hotter than Jason Patric or Kiefer Sutherland sporting some pointy fangs? Nothing, I assure you. Everything these girls today feel for Edward was how we felt about Michael and David!!!

I recently had the chance to see The Lost Boys in the theater again when Corey Feldman came to town promoting his new projects. It was amazing to see it on the big screen and I felt like a young girl again. So, yeah, I love vampires, but it’s nothing new - and I hope the trend never ends!


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