April Is For #Vampires: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer

One of the recent YA vampire series that I've enjoyed is The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer. I enjoy a lot of things about this series, including the fact that it doesn't shy away from action. The characters are great and I think this is probably the first vampire series that was originally targeted at teen boys. The main characters are guys, including the title character, Vladimir Tod. Vlad walks the line between the living and the dead, so to say, as he was born as half human and half vampire. He can walk in the sun, but still needs blood. He's also being hunted by a Slayer, Joss, who is also his friend. That makes for some interesting tension. I also love the references Brewer uses...Vladimir has the same name as Vlad the Impaler, his last name, Tod, means 'dead' in German, Vlad lives in Bathory, named after the very bloody Countess Elizabeth Bathory, on Lugosi Trail to be exact, and there is a kid at Vlad's school named Eddie Poe.

I'm interested to see the spin-off series, called The Slayer Chronicles, due out in September, 2011. I'm currently reading the final title in the Vlad series and it looks to be exciting!


  1. I have the first of this series sitting on my shelf and can't wait to get around to it (so many books to read)!

  2. I love this series! Joss is my all time favorite so I spazzed out when I discovered he was getting a spin off.

  3. Is Joss named for the creator of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (Joss Whedon)? (Yes, I'm a nerd.) Just thought you could add that to your list of references, if it's true!

  4. Oooo, that's probably true, Maria, I didn't think of that! Yeah, I actually really like Joss and Henry. And Snow, maybe even better than Vlad! :D

    @Patricia, the spinoff should be cool. We don't have to wait long!

  5. Love it! :) I bought the first two books in this series, & I really need to read them! Just gotta find time to do that. I started reading the first one, & I noticed some of those references you pointed out (like the Eddie Poe one, that's my favorite lol)! Those are the best. Heather Brewer is awesome! :D


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