April Is For #Vampires: The House of Night Series by PC and Kristin Cast

I started reading the House of Night series last year and I've read all the way through book #7. I was really excited about this series and was really hooked until book #7. The characters, the plot are all excellent and it's very fast-paced. I enjoy the Casts' (PC is the mom, Kristin the daughter) take on the vampire world. It's got a Hogwarts kind of vibe, with the students living at the vampire school, House of Night, as they transition into their new vampire bodies. I enjoyed a lot of the elements, the Casts hail from Oklahoma, so a Native American myth is central to the story and Zoey, the main character, is of Native American descent.  Also, it incorporates a lot of Wiccan elements, which is cool, because witches are right up there with vamps in my book.

My only complaint regarding the series was book #7 (Burned). It sort of derailed my excitement a little, but I'm willing to give the 8th one a look at some point. I'm sure other people would argue book #7 was fantastic. I really am not sure what it was about it, maybe because it focused too much on another character and I was happy to keep following Zoey's point-of-view. I still feel House of Night is a great series and vampire fans will dig it! Happy reading!


  1. I agree with you, though I loved the series only through book 4. Tempted got me off track though it was still a great book and they just seemed to go downhill from there for me. I think the only reason I will keep reading them is because a lot was set up in Awakened that I want to see come to fruition.

    Again, this doesn't mean that other vampire lovers shouldn't pick up the books. :)

  2. This series is on my TBR list. It looks like I'd better move it to the top of the stack, though!

  3. Sounds like Awakened was good, I'll have to check it out this summer!

  4. I enjoyed it, but then when they started to make such a big deal about the colour of the girls' skin and the sexuality of the gay guy(I found offense). They had to point it out in each and every book, it was that kind of "omg, they're this, they're that, but it's okay, we're fine with that." It got on my nerves, but the storyline was good and I too enjoyed the wicca and vampire mesh.


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