April Is For #Vampires: Dracula: Dead and Loving It

I love parodies, at least well done ones. And my favorites always seem to be those done by the great Mel Brooks. I was so excited in high school (1995) when Mel Brooks finally put his stamp on vampires. In addition to that, it also starred one of my favorite comedians...Mr. Leslie Nielsen of Airplane and Naked Gun fame. While it's probably not the most critically acclaimed movie, I definitely enjoyed Brooks' take on one of my favorite genres! Here is the trailer and a clip, for your enjoyment!

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  1. I could literally watch this movie every day...it is so hilarious! And the casting? Perfection. When they staked Peter MacNicol I thought I would die! Thanks for reminding me how funny this movie is!

  2. I'm enjoying rediscovering these things too. May need to watch it this weekend! It's been too long!


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