April Is For #Vampires: Blade

One of my favorite movie vampire bad asses has to be Wesley Snipes as Blade (1998). The opening scene at the vampire disco is classic and vamp hottie Stephen Dorff is amazing in this as well. I also loved the characters played by Kris Kristofferson and Donal Logue. Great plot, great action, just a great flick! I saw Blade II (2002) but don't remember much about it anymore. I do remember Blade Trinity (2004). How could you forget Parker Posey as a nasty vampire chick or  Ryan Reynolds as a vampire hunter? Awesome sauce!

They don't make vampires like Blade anymore, I mean, check out those sunglasses! *Sigh* Maybe they could put out just one more film...(hint hint, if you're listening, Hollywood!)


  1. Love all the Blade movies! The first one was out a while before I decided to pick up a copy and watch it and I'm so glad I did...love it!

  2. The Blade movies remind me a lot of the Sonja Blue series.

  3. My wife bought me the entire Blade DVD set. I think she may have only done that because of Ryan Reynolds appearing shirtless in the 3rd one, but that's fine.


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