Success in Epublishing: Interview With Karen McQuestion

In the second interview in the Success in Epublishing articles, we have a great interview with Karen McQuestion, an extremely successful epubbed author, selling both YA and adult fiction.  Her books are on top of the charts on Amazon and she is now publishing with Amazon Encore, a division of Amazon that works with talented and successful epubbed authors.  Her novel, A Scattered Life, was the first epubbed Kindle book to be optioned for a film.  She's been interviewed by numerous newspapers, mentioned in magazines, and even appeared on TV on ABC's World News Now.  We are very lucky and I am very honored that she was interested in speaking with my audience.  Many thanks to Karen!  You can find links to her books (A Scattered Life, Easily Amused, Celia and the Fairies, Favorite, and Life on Hold ) at the bottom of the page.
Life on HoldA Scattered LifeEasily AmusedFavoriteCelia and the Fairies

How/when did you decide that epublishing would be your path?

For years I went the traditional route. I attended critique groups, writing workshops, and conferences. I wrote and rewrote and was lucky enough to have some success with my non-fiction in national newspapers and magazines. At this same time, I also wrote novels, but I could never get them published, despite being agented for three different manuscripts.

In 2009, I no longer had an agent, and had almost decided that this book thing was never going to pan out for me. Then something happened that changed my life. I read an article about another writer, Boyd Morrison, who’d achieved success self-publishing his books on Amazon’s Kindle.

Until that point, I didn’t know such a thing was possible. I was immediately intrigued and wanted to do it. I Googled to find out everything I could about self-publishing on Kindle, and came across J.A. Konrath’s blog, a treasure trove of information for anyone wanting to learn more about publishing in general, and e-books in particular. Armed with this knowledge, I uploaded two of my books in July 2009. I had high hopes, but no expectations.

I did all my marketing online, using message boards and blog comments. I was diligent about this—an hour or more every day. Sales were steady and I was (and am) grateful for every one of them. The first month I made $30, the second $300. My husband looked at me and said, “How many more books do you have?” We both realized that my once failed novels now had value. One by one we uploaded everything: two adult novels, two YA (teen) novels, a collection of humorous essays, and a children’s book.

Every month my sales increased and people started to say positive things about them on message boards and reviews. Sometimes I would wake up at night and wonder, half-asleep, if this was really happening, or if it was just a wonderful dream.

Is writing now your day job? Was it always?

Freelance writing has been my day job for years, but the pay was so low and sporadic that I also, on occasion, cleaned houses, and worked at Kohl’s department store. My income was supplemental to my husband’s and we were also raising kids, so we made it work.

Last month I earned more than I did in ten years of freelance writing, so yes, it’s really and truly my day job, something my teenagers don’t seem to grasp. ☺

Was there a point where you could see things really kick in sales-wise? (Did you go from a book a day to 5 books a day at a certain point, or something like that?)

Sales were steady right from the start, but they really took off after one of my novels, A Scattered Life, was optioned for film. This happened in November after the book had only been out a few weeks. A film producer from L.A. noticed it was getting buzz on the Amazon message boards and thought it had film potential. At that time, it was the first self-published Kindle book optioned for film and the resulting publicity gave my books a huge boost.

Do you have any advice for those considering epublishing or new to the game?

You’re not alone here. Read J.A. Konrath’s blog, Amanda Hockings’s site, and my FAQ page for starters. has tons of information on it, and the other writers are really helpful. Everything you need to know is out there and your friend, Google, can show you the way.
If your writing is strong and you have a great story to tell, epublishing is as an excellent option. Put your work out there and let the market decide. It’s a shame to let good stories sit on hard drives when they can be shared with readers.

Writers are making good money now, and more and more of the self-published books are getting recognition and rising in the rankings. For me, and many others, it’s an exciting time.

What are your writing plans for 2011?

I just finished a manuscript which needs revising and I’m also currently working on a screenplay. I have another book partially done, which I’d like to get back to.

My titles are currently being picked up, one by one, by Amazon’s publishing company, AmazonEncore, so I now have the best of both worlds, but if AmazonEncore hadn’t contacted me I’d still have a sweet deal doing it on my own. After feeling so disheartened by rejection, I now have the joy of writing back.


  1. Karly, thanks for the very interesting & encouraging interview.

    Karen is a terrific writer, an inspiration and a very nice person! She deserves and has earned every bit of her success.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Karen and Karly! I always love to hear epub/self-pub success stories. Such a motivator! Best wishes to more success - both of you!

  3. This is great to read! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. Karly,
    i found you two ways and both of them today - thru a post by Kristie Cook and then thru the Chirenjenzie group at Good Reads. good to meet another indie author.

  5. I found you from Chirenjenzie.
    This is an amazing interview. I am very intrigued!

  6. This is a great interview! I love reading success stories like this. Amazon is really turning the worlds of publishing, and movies upside down. It's interesting that Karen mentions writing a screenplay. I just uploaded my first script to Amazon Studios...a new experiment showcasing struggling writers. I wonder if she has an plans on going that route? You can find mine here:

  7. Karly, thanks so much for having me on your blog. I really appreciate it!

    And thanks to everyone who left a comment. I've been helped by so many people along the way that I'm glad to share what I know.

    C.V. Hubbard, my goal right now is to FINISH my screenplay. Heh. I am intrigued by the Amazon Studios concept, but I haven't thoroughly checked it out yet. Thanks for leaving your link. :-)

  8. fabulous interview, Karly and Karen! Very inspirational....Karen is dead on when she says it's such an exciting time to be a writer! I love her husband's quote, it made me laugh..."how many more books do you have?" :)
    Best to you both and a prosperous new year,

    Jools Sinclair
    The Vampire of Franklin Academy

  9. Just finished reading A SCATTERED LIFE and thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved the characters --believable, sympathetic, quirky. Can't wait for the movie!

    Sandy Nachlinger
    Co-author with Sandra Allen of I.O.U. SEX


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