Big Reveal Wednesday! Bloody Little Secrets' Cover!

I completely realize that the release date for my upcoming YA vampire novel, Bloody Little Secrets, is in April/May and NOT in January, being that I still have to finish it (this weekend-ish, I'm hoping...fingers crossed!), but I happen to have the cover NOW!  Yay!  When I had my previous cover made, it took the artist a little while to create it and I was trying to get the book formatted at the same time, not realizing he also needs the file cover.  So this time I thought I was being smart and getting it done early, thinking I would get it in February so it would be ready for the formatter in March.  But Robin at Robin Ludwig Design, Inc. ( took care of my cover in less than a week!  Amazing!  In any case, I'm thrilled to have it and we can all ooo and ahh over it from now until April/March.  It's definitely motivating me to get finished.  Now only if I had some more time...


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