Adventures in Epublishing: A Ranking and Reviews

When you post your ebooks on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, you are asked to include it in certain categories. I recently revised my categories, adding Love & Romance as one of them (you get to pick two) and left the other as Fantasy & Magic. While Into the Shadows is not a traditional romance, I would say it does fall into the category of paranormal action/romance, which of course is not a real category. I hoped that it would perhaps help with visibility and show up on more 'Customer's Who Bought This..." lists, being that it fits in with a lot of other books that are similar and are also listed under Love & Romance.

I lucked out the other day on the Kindle Users Forum in the UK ( and made a new friend, John White, head of a writer's group in Plymouth. I asked for their suggestions regarding sales in the UK, as so far I've had no success there. He purchased a copy to read and amazingly, Into the Shadows shot up the charts on Amazon UK. (Thanks John!)

I cut and pasted this directly from my Amazon UK page at 11:57 PM January 16th and remember, this was the result of ONE sale.  

# Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #10,970 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

* #46 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children's eBooks > Literature > Love & Romance

The book dropped to #53 the next day and then was followed by a second sale, pushing it back up to #39.  The cool thing is that it finally made it into a ranking somewhere, hopefully raising its visibility. It's still not in the top 100 children's books, but I'll take it.  Today it's back to #45, but still well in the top 100 of that category. It also illustrates how different sales go in the US and the UK. Amazon in the US has so many more books available, small amounts of sales, such as mine, barely register.  Even the first day of sales when I had a group of happy readers and friends help me take on Amazon and make a purchase on the opening day, Into the Shadows made it into the 2400s of paid Kindle ebooks, but never pulled a ranking, and that was with 20 sales on one day.

I do really think it's a domino effect though. If more people in the UK see my title in that particular category, perhaps it will lead to more sales, which will lead to a higher ranking, and more sales, etc. You see what I mean. I'll keep a close eye on it, and any of you UK readers that feel like helping out, you can pick up your own copy for 1.71 GBP right here Into the Shadows on Amazon UK and we can see how it effects the rankings.

In other news, I just discovered that Goodreads offers a review app, allowing me to post a widget on the blog that shows my current reviews for Into the Shadows on Goodreads. You can see how it looks on the Into the Shadows Trilogy page. Just scroll down. It's a great feature to add to your own site.


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