Bookaday: The New Wizard of Oz by Lacy Maran and Kevin Michael

The New Wizard Of OzThe New Wizard Of Oz - Romantic Comedy

Dorothy Gale is fifteen years removed from Oz and the last of her friends to get married. But Dorothy's long time boyfriend Peter is dragging his feet proposing. After a visit with Peter's wacky divorced parents, Dorothy sees behind the curtain to a failed proposal in Peter's past, making her worry he'll never pop the question. Enter John Timmins, an old friend with a perfect family who's ready to propose now, yet doesn't get Dorothy's heart racing. At a yellow brick crossroad, Dorothy is visited by the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Lion to help her decide: wait it out with the man she loves, or settle with a man she'll have to learn to love?

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Author info:  Lacy Maran & Kevin Michael enjoy cute cat videos, people riding unicycles, and making fun of celebrities. They write humorous books about classic literature charactures with a modern twist. They do not wear fanny packs, although have been known to put on Hawaiian shirts.

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  1. Sorry but we had to swing by and tell you that your bio somehow reminded us of the Jim Henson Hour. In that series, Clifford usually wore Hawaiian shirts. Ok we are just weird.



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