It's Official ~ International Contract Signed

I have some very exciting news! I've been sitting on this for a month or so until we had all the details worked out. I'm very happy to announce that I have signed a contract with an international digital publishing company based in the UK. Mark Williams international Digital Publishing (MWiDP) has taken on my YA vampire novel, Bloody Little Secrets.  MWiDP will be responsible for the ebook version of Bloody Little Secrets and it will be published on Amazon UK, France, and Germany, as well as Waterstone's in the UK.

In addition to publishing through those venues, MWiDP will also carry Bloody Little Secrets on their future sale site, which will be built in order to offer English-speaking readers worldwide access to our books, which they do not currently have through Amazon in all locations.

For those of you wondering how this is a good deal for me, I'll explain my motivations for this move. While I can upload to Amazon UK, France, and Germany, my sales in those countries are pretty minuscule and I've been racking my brain (along with the rest of DarkSide, most of whom have joined MWiDP as well) as to how to better access that market.

MWiDP is responsible for the UK bestseller Sugar & Spice, by Saffina Desforges. They've sold over 100,000 copies in 10 months. We figured this was a partnership we'd be silly to miss out on. To work with bestsellers and the other authors MWiDP has under their cloud, and also to attempt to access the worldwide market in the way they're proposing is a wonderful opportunity and worth the small percentage I'll be giving up to be part of this club. I assure you, the terms at MWiDP are very favorable (you can check them out on their website).

I'm really looking forward to my future with MWiDP for international sales. Thanks to Megg Jensen for the connection and thanks to Mark Williams and Saffina Desforges for coming up with such a great concept!


  1. Congratulations! So excited for you ~ Donna

  2. Aw, thanks for the shout out! <3

    You'll do great in the UK, they'll love you!!!! :D



  4. One step at a time in the right direction.

  5. This is fantastic news, congratulations!!!

  6. Congrats, sounds like a good strategic move.

  7. That's fabulous news!!! Now of course, my big question is, when is book two of Bloody coming out?? :)

  8. Thanks guys! I've got some ideas for a Bloody book #2, but we'll see. Got a few things to get through first. :D I'll keep you posted!


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