Guest Post - Día de Los Muertos by Claudia Lefeve

Be sure to stop by Claudia's website and her YA novel, Parallel. She's here to share some info with us about today's special holiday!

When I took the plunge and became and indie author, I decided I wanted to write under my own label, Sugar Skull Books. Why SSB? Well, I wanted to chose a name that would reflect not only my writing, but my identity. I’m not just a horror and paranormal writer, I’m also Hispanic.

Sugar skulls are a popular offering (ofrenda in Spanish) during the Día de Los Muertos celebration, which runs from November 1 - November 2. The first day celebrates the children that have passed and the second day is reserved for the adults who are no longer with us.

Contrary to popular belief, Día de Los Muertos celebrations aren’t meant to be morbid or sad. Rather, it’s a celebration of life. Death isn’t the end of life, it’s just the beginning. We don’t fear death, we embrace it. And it is on these days where the living and the dead can communicate and visit with each other. During this holiday, friends and families will gather at cemeteries to bring their offerings to their loved ones that have crossed over. You’ll see everything from sugar skulls, tamales, hot chocolate, tequila...basically, all our loved ones favorite things.

Have you ever wondered why Day of the Dead artwork is so humorous? That’s because we mock death. The whimsical skeletal characters signify who we are in life, is who we are in death. One of the more popular depictions is the skeletal bride and groom (my sister presented me with one when I got married). It’s quite a beautiful sentiment actually, together in life and together in death. Often, you’ll see Day of the Dead pieces art depict professions (nurses, chefs, musicians, etc.) and even pets, because we continue on, even in death. Now don’t misunderstand, it is a reflective and respectful holiday, but with filled with celebration and jest.

So this year, splurge a little and get some sugar skulls for this year’s celebration. has some great sugar skulls you can purchase and recipes to make your own ofrendas.

I guess that’s why I chose Sugar Skull Books as my label. It’s my offering to the world.


  1. Thanks for allowing me to guest post today! I totally missed celebrating Halloween yesterday, but at least I still have Day of the Dead :)


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