Into the Shadows is Available Today!

I couldn't be more excited today as my very first ebook hits the virtual bookshelves. I, like many writers, dreamed of the day that my books would be available to readers. Today is my day. I've chosen to do it, as you well know, not in a traditional fashion. But I find that prospect exciting too. After today, it's a whole new world for me. A world where people can find my book and read it. Enjoy (hopefully) my characters and make them a part of their lives. Maybe, just maybe, this warrants a change from writer to author. This book has been given a new life, far from the dust-covered shelf where it sat up until a couple months ago. I honestly never thought I'd have the opportunity to share it, and well, here we are.

I'd like to thank you, my friends and fellow writers for following the journey. You've made it all worthwhile!

And a little announcement, as there have already been questions regarding this...there is a sequel to Into the Shadows, and I will be working on it as soon as NaNoWriMo is over. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to continue Paivi's story. I'll post some of it as it gets further along, I only ever wrote the first chapter because I was sure I'd never need it.

If you are able to, please help INTO THE SHADOWS climb the bestseller list at by purchasing your copy for $2.99 here today. Even one day of great sales on Amazon helps push the book up the bestseller list, which makes the ebook more visible to other customers. No Kindle? No problem! Download a free app at Also available at (all formats),, and (Nook)for $2.99.

The paperback is coming along nicely, I should have the materials to send off for a sample in the next few days. As soon as I check it over, it'll go live on for purchase. I'll post the link!

Be sure to post your reviews, and add the book to your reading lists on and All of that will really help!

Again, thanks so much for making this so amazing! I couldn't have done this without your help!


  1. I've bookmarked you, Karly! Looking forward to seeing your numbers. I'm doing something similar (going live in Jan), so it'll be interesting to see how your journey progresses as well :)

    Good luck. Your cover is lovely!


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