A Book A Day For The Holidays!

I've come up with a fun little experiment.  I'm looking for authors of all kinds, fiction, non-fiction, YA or adult, romance, horror, indie or traditionally published with a book out there in the wide wide world. 

We're all always looking for great, new things to read and what better way to prepare for the holidays than by doing a little shopping and helping out your fellow authors at the same time.  Buy a book for yourself, a relative, or a friend.

So here's my thought...from December 1st - December 24th, all of you wonderful authors out there provide me some info on your book, and I'll post it right here.  Now, it would be nice to support each other as well, so if I post your book, please take a look at the others and try to purchase one.

Here's what I need from you:

-Title of book/genre


-Formats available in

-Purchasing information (where/how much/etc.)

-What date you'd like

Email all of that me at karlykirkpatrick@gmail.com.  All dates/space are on a first come/first serve basis!

Let's see if we can fill all 24 days - it'll be like a crazy advent calendar of books!

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Love the idea!

    I've got a book of poetry ... but it costs 15 euros (20 dollars, shipping included) if you buy it from me (the publisher is more expensive and shipping is not included). I appreciate everyone who buys of course but I don't want people to take on huge expenses for the holidays. Will check back though for the suggestions!

  2. Great idea! Do you want picture books too?

  3. Any books will do, Lori! You never know what someone might be looking for! Send it on over.

  4. And same for you Lena, I do get international readers as well. If you want to join in, feel free.


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