YA Flash Death Match

I would like to introduce you to my new blog, YA Flash Death Match.  A few months ago, fabulous fellow pre-published author, Michelle Sussman had an idea for a collaborative blog, something that we could work on together and something that combined our love for reading and writing YA.  Out of that thought, along with countless hours watching American Idol, the idea for YA Flash Death Match was born.  There are contests for everything, best singer, best dancer, best stand-around-and-get-your-picture-taken, etc., etc.  But there are very few contests for writers.  And so my trusty brain came up with an idea.  After a few weeks of back-and-forth with Michelle, we were able to hammer out the details, come up with a name, a website, and awesome authors to donate prizes. 

My goal for YA Flash Death Match is for YA fans to find some great new fiction to read from yet-to-be-discovered YA authors and learn about some fantastic YA authors that are currently published.  We will cover all genres and hopefully will be able to provide something for everyone.  Please stop by at the new site and give it a follow.  I'll still be writing this blog a few times a week as per usual, so maybe we'll get to see each other in a few more places around the web.  Happy reading and writing!


  1. Hi Michelle! I love the concept of the death match. I can't wait!

    I couldn't read your blog until I highlighted over the words, the coloring is causing problems.


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