The Right Formula

Apparently I had the right idea.  If something isn't working, change it.  I was very satisfied with the work I did over the weekend on Rising Sun, my new YA paranormal.  Even though I only managed 1400 words or so, I felt like it was a giant step forward.  I introduced a new angle that I had been wanting to add, and now I'm ready to get to all the gory fun and adventure.  Once I put everything else aside, that story just flowed.  So for me, eliminating the distractions, even writing distractions, helped push me through.

I am still leaving The Green, my YA contemporary, on the shelf.  It did have a decent showing in the 10 queries I sent out to agents, but in the back of my mind I have doubts about it.  I still don't think it's THE ONE.  Meaning, the one that's going to get published.  I am planning right now to focus on Rising Sun and see where the summer takes me.  Malika, the main character, is super cool and I'm anxious to see where her story takes me.  It's just the escape I'm looking a mental vacation!


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