Where do you write?

I've written everywhere, in bed, at a desk, at a table, on the floor of the bathroom while my daughter is in the tub, during lunch, waiting at a doctor's office...seriously everywhere. Tonight I'm fed up and just want a place of my own. I had an office, but I never sat there much anyways. It's wide open to the rest of the house and was not very comfy. So we turned it into a toy room. The hubby has an office in one of the spare bedrooms so he can do his law school work uninterrupted. But me, I got nothing. So tonight I have taken over the chair with ottoman in my bedroom that usually houses clothes. It doesn't face the TV, it is away from every other distraction other than Facebook (I can never get away from that!) and it's relatively quiet.

How about you? Where do you typically write? Do you have your own space or just write in the thick of it all?


  1. I work at home or at a local bookstore. Music is an essential part of creating the "environment." It literally separates me from the world so I can immerse myself in the one I'm creating. ;)

  2. At home - on the couch. I also long for a space to write where there's no TV and it's quiet. Maybe even a door to close? But alas, without finishing the basement I have no such space. So here I sit, on the couch...where actually I'm really comfy. :)


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