Students = (cess)pool of characters

As I'm moving towards the end of my first decade of teaching, I really must thank the crazy fools that (aside from my family and friends) inspire my characters. They make the process of writing that much more fun.

1. They provide character names and personalities. It's great because when I need the overachiever, the cheerleader or the jock, as well as the cool lingo (like 'creeper') all I have to do is sit back in my class. I have a fish tank of potential characters swimming right before my eyes for 5 classes a day.

2. They are awesome cheerleaders. They always ask how the books are coming along, when they can read them and how long until it's published. Although it always reminds me of the fact that I'm not published yet AND sometimes I'm sure they ask about it because they know it's a sure way to get me off topic for 20 minutes, I appreciate their interest and hope to someday provide them with a finished novel. And I can sign it and they can brag that their teacher is a best selling author. *sigh*

3. They provide motivation to keep moving forward. On days when evil kids are stealing my books, swearing at me or won't shut up, parents are sending awful emails blaming me because their child is failing or the school district is kindly telling me my subject is just not interesting enough and I'm on the verge of running out the front door screaming and signing up to join a circus, I think about the fact that the only way out of this is to write many best sellers. (I realize that is the longest sentence ever.) Writing is sometimes my only sanity as it's the only world I can control.

So I thank my friendly students and hope they buy my books when they come out! hehe! They will most certainly see themselves in those pages!


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