One step forward...

Yesterday I emailed the Lovely Agent that had a 20-page partial of my YA novel The Green. (You remember, the partial request I got after the awesome contest I entered, thanks to Michelle Sussman!) I'd sent it to the Lovely Agent about 2 months ago, and after a survey of writer friends, a consensus was made that 2 months would be an appropriate time to check up on the manuscript, to see how it was doing and all. Was my MS enjoying New York? Was the Lovely Agent (LA) enjoying my MS?

I was nervous, I'd never emailed an agent for a follow up, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Would I get an email back? Would it be an automatic rejection? As one of my friends said, if the agent rejects you after you check in, they were most likely going to reject it anyways and you just reminded them to do it.

Instead I received a very awesome email, thanking me for the 'nudge.' LA had just read the 20 pages and said it was worth the read...and wanted a full MS! LA also asked if the MS was with other agents, which (not trying to get hopes up too much) that said, maybe means LA is serious about my MS!!!

I'm giving the MS one last look before sending it off this weekend. I'm so nervous! But at least I feel like I've moved one step closer to my goal. I'll post as soon as I hear something!


  1. That is AWESOME news! How exciting!!!! You are motivating the hell out of me! GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. This is all happening because you are an awesome writer! I'm glad I was able to give a tiny bit of help. :-)

  3. Thanks! I'm still so nervous though. I just hope she likes the full as much as she likes the first 20 pages. I feel like it's not good enough! At worst, maybe she'll tell me what's wrong with it.

    And Michelle, you're the best!

    I better get back to work!


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