KOrtizzle Dishes the Truth

The fabulous agent Kathleen Ortiz and her ever entertaining and informative blog, Neverending Page Turner, has delivered a gem for those of us in the querying/submission process. Take a look at her post (that I linked below) if you want an eye-opening look at how agents sift through the slush pile. The numbers are astounding! I knew agents took in massive amounts of queries, but the percentages that turn into partial and full manuscript requests are interesting.

Warning: Only For Those Who Can Handle The Truth

As for me, on my first book I would guess I was up to 80-ish rejections, with a few partials and one full. On the second book, I've only sent out 10 queries, with 9 rejections or no-replies (one partial in there) and an additional partial that's now turned into a full request. I do feel like I'm on the right track. It's hard work, my friends, but hang in there and one day we'll make it. My goal is to just keep improving my writing skills so that one day soon that NO turns into a YES!


  1. Keep it up! Perseverance is 99% of being a writer, I would guess...

  2. Personally, writing a book is not on my radar screen. At one time, it might have been; but life intrudes. And truth be told, I'm enjoying my blog, and leaving it at that, since life outside of that is taking up much else.

    Having said that on my account, on yours....you have THE correct attitude, for one who aspires to publish. Keep honing that skill, and keep pursuing that dream. I have many a friend who have, and have persevered. Believe in yourself, and so shall you.


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