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So today I dipped my toes in the ePublishing pool by making my blog available on Amazon for the Kindle. I was really hoping to post it there for free, but going through the process of signing up I never found any information on the pricing structures. Once I got everything posted, I discovered through posts on the Community Forum section that Amazon lists blogs for $1.99 a month! They then, for some unknown reason, drop to $.99 a month after a period of time. I will be shocked and amazed if I manage to get some followers for $1.99 a month!

It was easy enough to get the blog posted on there. The toughest part was taking a screen shot of the blog to upload. The rest was a breeze! My only hope is that having my name floating out there in Amazon-land will bring more traffic across my *free* blog page. But as of right now I don't envision this as being much of a money-maker. It was interesting to see how it works and I'm curious to see if uploading an eBook is as easy. I would guess there will be more in the way of formatting for that.

But if you have a Kindle and are can now locate this very blog on Amazon under Karly Kirkpatrick - YA Writer. I'll keep you updated on the results...


  1. Hey Karly!

    I'm just charging up my new e-reader as we speak! I have a Sony, so I suppose I can't get your blog! I had no idea you could put up your blog on Kindle! Wow, that's pretty cool!!! Do you have to pay the $1.99 or do people who follow you? There is always a catch, isn't there? ;)

    xoxo -- Hilary

  2. Yeah, I don't think it's possible to get blogs on the Sony, from what I've heard. It's just strictly books, right? I didn't know it was possible either but I found it on there. I wasn't thrilled about the having to charge. It would have been cool to have it for free, but Amazon sets the price, as I've seen elsewhere, it's just the COB, cost of doing business! Luckily I pay nothing, only the subscribers through the Kindle would pay.

    How do you get books on the Sony? Do they have their own library or do you get them from Amazon as well?

  3. Yes, Very well created blog, I've bookmarked it already in hunt for some nice and useful posts.


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