I can't make up my mind!!!

Ugh, I'm feeling so schizophrenic these days. I really made some progress on the WIP over Spring Break, but lost some ground last week when my cute little nephew decided to join the world on Tuesday, March 30th! I did start doing a little revising/rewriting on The Green, because for some reason I felt I should just move ahead, make the changes and prepare to query in June-ish.

But now I've changed my mind again. I think I'm going to go back to the WIP. I still don't want to put so many changes into The Green until I'm sure the agent doesn't want it. I'm just dying to hear from her. I really think the most agonizing feeling as a writer is the waiting. Fingers crossed it will be soon. And fingers and toes crossed it will be good news!

I've got a pretty full plate at the moment, along with working on these two books, I've got a few projects in the hopper (never quite knew what that meant!) and I start my Editing class at DePaul on Saturday. But I wouldn't have it any other way! I'm looking forward to the coming months and hope they bring many exciting things!


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