Bookaday: Bug Island by Robert Cordiner

Bug IslandBug Island - Middle Grade

They destroyed the mighty Mayan Empire. What hope for a few shipwrecked

A South American cruise. It should have been a once in a lifetime experience.
And it was. But not in the way they imagined. Barely surviving a horrific
shipwreck, the remaining passengers have to try and cope with finding food,
water, shelter, let alone the constant arguments. And then there are the bugs.

Not the sort that you squish and then get on with your day. Oh no. Toe biters,
pond skaters, assassin bugs and harvestmen that drop down on top of their
victims - all of these could be found in your garden. But on this lost island
they are all at least twenty times their normal size. Trapped on an island with
a six metre long giant centipede with armoured plates was not on the cruise
itinerary. Now all they want is to get off - without being squished!

"Anyone pack the bug spray?"

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