Bookaday: Torc of Moonlight: Special Edition by Linda Acaster

Torc of Moonlight : Special Edition (North York Moors Torc Trilogy)Torc of Moonlight : Special Edition - Book 1 in the North York Moors trilogy - Paranormal Thriller

How many believers does it need to keep an ancient religion alive?

When student Nick becomes obsessed with reclusive Alice, he starts seeing things he believes are figments of his imagination. She is determined to uncover the forgotten shrine to a Celtic fertility goddess, and to keep him at arm's length. Why do modern universities surround the North York Moors as once did mediaeval seats of learning? Derventio, Malton's Roman garrison, holds the key. Nick dismisses her theories as fantasy - until the trees crowd in and he realises that history is not always buried, and it’s not always dead.

How many believers does it need to keep an ancient religion alive?
Just one.
Is it you who tosses coins into a 'wishing' well?

Passion, betrayal, and Celtic revenge, set in UK university cities pressing the moors into the sea. All the place depicted exist.

Ebook 113,000 words includes bonus material: research articles, interview, opening of Book2 'The Bull At The Gate'

Available in paperback: Torc of Moonlight $13.99 / £7.99 starkly elegant prose, builds a powerful novel of possession... 5*
...darkly chilling read...5*
...writes the male viewpoint very well indeed, and her love scenes aren't half bad either... 4*

Purchase Info:
US Kindle $2.99

UK Kindle £2.18

I-Pad, Sony, Nook, etc

Author Info:
Linda Acaster is the author of a wide range of long and short genre fiction, including historical romance and crime. Her latest short fiction, Contribution to Mankind and other stories of the Dark, is a collection of ghost stories for chill winter nights. She lives in the UK, a stone's throw from an ancient, and venerated, spring. Be careful where you walk, and what you're walking on.

Contact Info:
Twitter: @lindaacaster


  1. Excellent writing, by an author who researches thoroughly, observes minutely and involves her readers in the emotional journeys taken by her very believable characters. Torc of Moonlight will keep your attention from beginning to end, delighting, shocking and scaring you along the way.

  2. This looks like one I'd really enjoy. Thanks for the detailed recommendation!

  3. Sounds like it would be quite enjoyable. I loved the bio at the end, makes me like the author and want even more to read them, :)

    SO Blogfest later?

  4. Great! I hope you enjoy!

    Blogfest??? Do tell!

  5. In the secular 21st century, we like to think of ourselves as rational beings. After reading Linda's chilling book, your skin will prickle if an innocent country walk takes you past an ancient well or spring.

  6. Hey, thanks for dropping by, everyone. It's so good to read your comments.

    I'm a writer who is moving from a somewhat insular UK to a bigger Western hemisphere readership, and from print to ebook. It's a huge learning curve, but a very exciting one.

    Having tested the water with my rights-reverted HistRoms, I dusted off "Torc of Moonlight" which... you know how it goes... gained great comments from mainstream publishers but no serious contract.

    Would I encourage others to do the same? You bet! I might not end up alongside Karen McQuestion, but wherever my niche is it's better than having to bat aside comments like '...but you write historical romances...' No, I write novels, two of which happened *to be* historical romances.

    I hate being pigeonholed. And why should we be?

  7. I've read this one - and some of the author's other stuff. It's a compelling read. I recommend it.


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