Where Oh Where Has Karly Gone???

No worries, I'm still here! I spent the better part of the last month on the couch recouping from a second foot surgery. Not to worry, I was working on my new (I know, I know, it's been a long time coming) release, my YA contemporary romance  The Green. I predict, based on my schedule in my head, that it's safe to say it will be out in the next 4-6 weeks. Sooner, if possible. I will keep you posted. As far as I'm planning, the final copy will go out for proofing this weekend and in the meantime, I'll get it all formatted. Then it'll be a final clean-up and bing bang boom, new book.


2011 was a great year and a busy one. Thanks to a very intense Spanish class this fall (I did get an A, so that's good!) and my hard-working husband in law school three nights a week as well, plus surgery, writing sort of had to take a back seat. But 2012 is a blank Moleskine notebook, as it were. 

On Monday, you'll get to see and participate in the unveiling of a new YA writers super-group, the Indelibles (starring the five DSP debutantes, plus a bazillion other people oozing awesomeness). After The Green is safely in everyone's e-readers, I will take a deep breath and plunge back into Darkness Rising, the sequel to Into the Shadows. It's currently at about 12,000 words. I may not be on here a ton, I find I'm working better if I just stay focused instead of trying to do too much. I'm hoping for a summer or fall release for Darkness Rising. Along the way, there may be a few other projects that pop up as well. 

Along with writing, 2012 will finally bring me back to one of my favorite things besides reading and writing - traveling. I'm off to Germany in June with a group of students and then to Italy with the family, wrapping up the summer with trip to California. I'm taking another Spanish course this spring (it starts in another week) and I'm looking into some future educational pursuits as well. 

Thanks again for being such great people. Any author would be lucky to have you guys! 


  1. I'm here as a result of the Indelibles blog-hop. Love your website! Very creative, lots of book covers to enjoy and link to, nice organization.

  2. I am so looking forward to Darkness Rising! Thank you for that trilogy, love it!


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