I AM a Mature Adult...Or That's What I'm Supposed to Be...

I, for some reason, decided to count the amount of t-shirts in my closet last night and guess how many t-shirts I happen to own? 75. SEVENTY-FIVE T-SHIRTS. This only counts casual and cozy wear (casual means I can wear them with jeans, cozy with sweats). This does not count t-shirts for my job (add another 10) and t-shirts only for sleeping or working out, and a box of t-shirts from high school that are 'saved' from my old basketball days.

I love t-shirts. I'm probably every fashion designer's nightmare. I like fashionable things as well, but jeans and a t-shirt are probably by far my favorite thing to wear. Again, not necessarily the type of mature clothing an adult would wear. I would struggle if I had to wear a suit to work every day.

Just to give you a little insight to my wardrobe, which I am well aware is completely useless information, my t-shirts also fit into categories. I do collect certain t-shirts, which you'll notice in the themes below:

8 Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts (Europe and US, one from Mexico)
6 are pro sports related (Chicago teams or World Cup Soccer)
13 band t-shirts (U2, Grateful Dead, Beatles, Oasis, Paul McCartney, Rage Against the Machine)
9 represent foreign countries (not counted into other categories - all European)
22 are college t-shirts (from all over the country)
1 Harry Potter t-shirt

So if you ever feel like sending me a present, you're completely safe with a Hard Rock Cafe or college t-shirt! hehehehe How about you? Anything you have way too much of?


  1. I own WAY too many DVDs and books (but really, can you ever own too many DVDs and books lol??) and also too many CDs. And then I'm also a movie ticket stub hoarder....I keep almost all of my movie ticket stubs, and I find them in random places, in my purse, in my car, in my underwear drawer, my jewelry box lol. :) For some reason I love to save ticket stubs!

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