Bookaday: Love Lust and Petty Crime by Harclubs Bartag

Love Lust and Petty CrimeLove Lust and Petty Crime - Humor


Follow Emmet on his journey from unemployed sponger to crack insurance consultant. A politically
incorrect tale of sex, crime, and bureaucracy.

Emmet Storch was an unemployed sponger who thought he had no calling in life. All that changed when he landed a job in the call centre at the monolithic Star Insurance where, from the very first day, he was magnificent. It was as if the very essence of insurance ran through his veins and he and his telephone were as one. Irate policyholders found comfort in his soothing words; recalcitrant contractors became polite and respectful. It would have been perfect if not for his lecherous and treacherous hormones.

A humorous look at love and lust in the iAge, where consumerism runs rampant and integrity can go and get stuffed.

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Author Info: Harclubs Bartag
To be honest, my name is not Harclubs Bartag and I suppose putting this stuff here makes the whole idea of a pen name look a little silly. But I've always wanted a secret identity (yes, yes, I know) and the name has a story. It comes from a time when the Australian public was grappling with a new wave of continental European immigrants, and I was in my first year of High School. The teacher was reading the class list out loud and the first name was 'Harclubs Bartag'. When no one responded, she continued on until the end of the list. My name was not called out, and I put two and two together.
'Um, Miss,' I said, raising my hand. 'My name is Hercules, not Harclubs.'
She obviously thought I was taking the piss. 'Don't be silly, Harclubs,' she said. 'What sort of a cruel parent would name their child Hercules?'

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  1. I work with insurance people, so I think this book would be interesting to read.

    When I saw the author's name, I had to re-read it a few times. Then it all made sense to me when I read the author info.

    (I once had a neighbor named Achilles...but we called him "Lee").


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