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Today is all about you!  Stop by the blog and share about anything you've got going...a great blog, a great book that you've written, links to your artwork, etc.  Shamelessly plug, plug, plug away!  It's important to recognize the awesome people that stop by to share my work.  Thanks so much for reading and participating!


  1. This is really nice!
    Well I'm new to blogging and have started putting up reviews and a bit of myself. Check it out I also have a wordpress I enjoy photography and after studying I've set up a flickr

    my husband is an amazing writer check out his blog

    Thank you for this space and time. I hope you enjoy my ramblings and photos

    Kitty (@purrrfect_10 on Twitter)

  2. I'm a writer, working on my first novel. It's set in Israel during the 1960's, so I'm neck deep in research at the moment. I know it will not be a short work, BUT I am constantly writing by working on a blog (the link is listed below), with varying topics, though mostly about Judaism.

  3. Big thanks!
    I am working on a YA adventure fantasy:

    Here is a synopsis:

    A boy hears the voice of a woman, and it will change his life forever:

    “The Roanes lie about their true intent. They enter the city of Huron at the peril of us all.”

    Sometime in the distant future when every kid owns anti-gravitational boots but white jumpsuits are worn only by biohazard teams and runway models, Nicholaus is living on the planet called Earth, and he hates it. He has done everything legal to escape and find his way back home, Colony 10D, southside of the moon (Well, maybe not everything legal, but Nicholaus didn’t mean it. Besides, he solemnly pledged to the fire chief and forest ranger that for every tree that had died, five more would be planted in its place). Then, Nicholaus hears her. He discovers that every city has a voice, and she will speak only to her steward. The city of Huron has chosen him.

    Nicholaus, his brother Tim, and a band of friends are swept into the distant past when Beltara (the moon) and Earth are bound together by the Tether. On entering Huron, a creature with a severe case of halitosis leaves Nicholaus’ good friend Xanthus for dead, he learns that the good merrows bear a dark secret, and Sheriff Cyrus schemes to bring Huron under his rule. Still, Nicholaus isn’t short of help. Wizard monkeys, blue cheek buccaneers, and Jack, with his coat-of-potions, join him in unraveling this twisted plot. Even cla’nu, the mysterious air of Beltara, is on their side. Then, the unthinkable happens. The Voice tells Nicholaus that the creature most foul is living under their very roof, and it may be his good friend Jack.

    Nicholaus faces mystery, intrigue and the holy-cow-I-can’t-believe-he-still-has-full-upper-body-motor-skill type of danger, all to protect Huron. But how much can she ask of a thirteen-year-old boy?

  4. Cool! Thanks for letting us do some plugging here ;) My writing cuz and I have an awesome blog- we are kind of on a short hiatus at the moment b/c of writing and other priorities but we intend to get back at it soon. In the mean time, we have some pretty cool stuff that you can check out in the archives.

    Go here to check it out:

    Twitter- @KeeKeeHockaday (Me)
    @pamharris81 (Writing Cuz Pam)

  5. Hi, and thanks for the invitation to come and "shameless promote"... I accept!!!

    I'm hoping people will take a look at my series of nine books called "EasyTerms" that can help people to learn the key terms used in various sciences. I've also had published, "The Money-Saving Idea Book" and a couple of humorous (I hope) books under the imprint "Coffee Table Madddness").

    There's information on all of them at:

    [Oh, and btw, I've started to follow you, Karly, on Twitter along with a number of other writers.]


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