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Just in case anyone is wondering, I'm going to take (at least) this week off from #Fridayflash.  And maybe next week too.  I've been a bit overwhelmed lately and want to make sure I give my full attention to finishing my Editing class strongly.  I love the class, and while I'm not the world's best editor yet, I really feel like I will do a better job on my next pieces.  For our final project, we have to create a book of essays, which I'm happy to report is going very well.  Luckily, we don't have to write the essays, just collect them and write a lovely intro, which I hope to work on this weekend.

Once the class is finished, it's on to the summer, where I plan to pick back up on #Fridayflash, get those numbers jumping on the New Orleans WIP (targeting to finish at the end of August), revise The Green and query until my fingers fall off, work on Super-Secret Project with Michelle Sussman (I promise, you will be excited), and blog blog blog all about it!  So I apologize if I seem a little absent the next couple weeks, but I promise, there are great things on the horizon and I hope you'll share them with me!


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