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Here are a few great articles I've come across this week.  Even though the thought of getting published is thrilling, one still has to keep that excitement in check and remember that this is a business, and a tough business at that.  My goal is to someday get published and I hope to be an author for a long time.  I am also aware that unless my initials are J.K. or my last name is Meyer, I will most likely not get to quit the day job because my books won't pay the bills.  Which is fine.  My day job is fine and provides a lot of story ideas AND pays the mortgage!  Not too shabby!  It also gives me some vacation time (June, July, and August) in which to really focus on writing.  Not that I don't write during the other times of year, but the summer is when I feel like I'm a full time writer.  Because I am!!!

In any case, enjoy these pieces of wisdom!

Your Reality Check from

The Odds of Getting Published Stink - And Why You Shouldn't Care
from the Purple Crayon Bookstore blog


  1. Thanks for the links; these articles were excellent!
    Hey, you gave me a good idea...
    How does this sounds for a pen name: J. K. Meyer?? Hmmm... ok, maybe it won't work... ;)

  2. Oooo, J.K. Meyer! That sounds perfect! Glad you enjoyed the articles, Faith!


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